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Dasha Chinese Cresteds and Sphynx Breeder
AKC Breeder of Merit

Hi and welcome to Dasha Cresteds, I am Brandi Ritchie and I am the owner. I have been showing dogs my whole life, starting at the age of 5 with my parents to current day. I first saw the Chinese Crested at a dog show in 1994, and I fell instantly in love with them. My mom said that they were ugly, but not to me I saw these little ponies running in the ring and knew that I had to have one. I got my first Crested, “Harry”, in 2002 and unfortunately due to serious complications from the genetic eye disorders that can be common in Cresteds, I was unable to show him. In 2007, I got my two foundation girls, Holly and Gigi, and began in earnest to build Dasha Cresteds into a powerhouse and something that I can be proud of. Over the next 12 years, and many sleepless nights, shows, traveling, vet visits, and all the things that come with showing dogs, I have earned the following: American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit (Multiple Times) 20 Chinese Crested Champions and Grand Champions 2017 Top 20 Contestant 2019 Top 20 Contestant My Philosophy: I am what is considered a preservation breeder, and therefore genetic health testing and finding the right homes for my puppies is important. We continuously health test each of our chosen breeding pairs through PawPrints Genetics and make those results available for the asking. When choosing the right homes for the puppies we ask the questions to ensure the right fit for our puppies. Each puppy placed will come with a neuter or spay contract. Breeding is something that we take very seriously and do not want unplanned breeding. Any puppy placed where the new owners can not take care of it for ANY reason, I will take that puppy back regardless of age, condition or reason. I hope that you find my website informative and my Cresteds just as beautiful as me and my family do. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
Happily Located in Texas - Shipping Available

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