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We have decided to  place our cats...


Lip the Gorgeous Sphynx Cat!

  • Age: 2 years old

  • Gender: Intact Male

  • Breed: Sphynx

  • Color: Blue

About Him:

  • Personality: Extremely friendly and affectionate

  • Special Traits: Sweet, loving, and very talkative

This wonderful breeding male Sphynx cat is looking for a loving home. He is a joy to be around and will fill your home with love and purrs. Don't miss the chance to bring this amazing feline friend into your life!

Adoption Fee: $2200 with Breeding Rights

$1600 as a Neutered Pet

Contact us for more details and to arrange a meeting with this beautiful boy!


Sweet Female Sphynx Cat for Sale

Meet Botched!

  • Name: Botched

  • Gender: Female

  • Breed: Sphynx

About Her:

  • Personality: Small, sweet, and incredibly friendly

  • Special Traits: Has a cute amputated end of her tail, making her even more adorable

  • Loves: Everyone she meets and traveling

Botched is a delightful female Sphynx cat who is looking for a forever home. Despite her unique tail, she is full of love and charm. She gets along with everyone and enjoys traveling, making her the perfect companion for any adventure!

Adoption Fees:

  • As Breeder: $3000

  • With Spay Contract: $2000

Contact us for more details and to arrange a meeting with this precious girl!


Beautiful Tortoiseshell Female Sphynx for Sale

Meet Amora!

  • Name: Amora

  • Born: 06/16/2019

  • Gender: Female

  • Breed: Sphynx (Tortoiseshell)

  • Registration: Comes with Registration Papers. TCFA

About Her:

  • Personality: Sweetest and most loving cat

  • Special Traits: Proven breeder with a beautiful tortoiseshell coat

  • Loves: Snuggling up against you all day

  • Compatibility: Gets along well with everyone, including dogs and other cats

Amora is a stunning and affectionate female Sphynx cat who loves to snuggle. She is friendly with everyone she meets, making her the perfect addition to any household. Whether you're looking for a breeder or a loving pet, Amora is the perfect choice!

Adoption Fees:

  • As Breeder: $3500

  • With Spay Contract: $2000

Adorable Blue Sphynx Kitten for Sale

Meet Our Stunning Baby Kitten!

  • Color: Blue

  • Age: Ready to go at 8 weeks old

  • Birth Date: April 25, 2024

About This Kitten:

  • Personality: Not shy about anything and loves to play all day

  • Special Traits: Perfect kitten with a playful and fearless nature

This adorable blue Sphynx kitten is looking for a loving home. Born on May 11, 2024, this little one is ready to bring joy and playfulness to your life. With a fearless personality and a love for play, this kitten is the perfect addition to any family!

Adoption Fee:

  • With Spay Contract: $2500

Contact us for more details and to arrange a meeting with this perfect kitten!

🐾 Discover the Extraordinary: Adopt a Social & Adventurous Sphynx Kitten! 🐾

Are you ready for a life filled with boundless joy and unforgettable adventures? Meet our charming Sphynx kitten, the epitome of sociability and curiosity! This delightful feline is eagerly seeking a loving forever home where love, fun, and exploration await!

🌟 Outgoing & Social: Our Sphynx kitten is a true social butterfly, always eager to meet new people and furry friends. With a heart full of affection, they'll shower you with endless cuddles and purrs, turning your home into a haven of love and warmth.

🚗 Loves Car Rides: Buckle up for fantastic road trips with your new furry co-pilot! Our Sphynx kitten adores car rides and will happily accompany you on your adventures, providing entertainment and companionship every step of the way.

🌳 Expert Explorer: The world is their playground! Watch in awe as our intrepid Sphynx kitten fearlessly explores every nook and cranny, bringing a sense of wonder and excitement into your life.

🐾 Harness & Leash Pro: Embrace the great outdoors together! Our Sphynx kitten is leash-trained and thrives on outdoor escapades. Enjoy strolls in the park or leisurely walks, knowing your feline friend is by your side, making every moment special.

🏡 Adoption Fee: $2000 - This fee covers their exceptional care, socialization, and health checks, ensuring you receive a happy and healthy companion ready to embrace life's adventures with you.

Don't miss this chance to welcome an extraordinary Sphynx kitten into your heart and home! Their love knows no bounds, and they're eager to create cherished memories with a family that appreciates their unique spirit.

Contact us and Get ready to embark on a lifetime of love, laughter, and exploration together! 🐾❤️🚗

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